About Us

We are your neighbors

Our Board members are comprised of volunteers, dedicated to their roles of service to maintaining and preserving the historic Lyonsville Cemetery.

Although the cemetery is located behind Lyonsville Congregational Church and shares the name, the two are entirely separate entities and the cemetery is non-denominational (i.e. not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination, such as Congregational).

Everyone is welcome at Lyonsville Cemetery!


Bruce Cady, President
Mark Richel, Vice President
Judy Birmingham, Secretary
Michael Belletete, Treasurer
Sharon Comstock, Trustee
Charles Gerth, Trustee
Laurie Tsukuno, Trustee

Board Meetings

Whether you have a loved one interred at Lyonsville, would like to know more about or become involved with preservation efforts, or are simply interested in the history of the cemetery, everyone is invited to attend one of the Board meetings.  We meet quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month, typically at the church.

Circumstances may occasionally affect scheduling or meeting location. Please contact us for updates.

2023 Board Meeting Schedule
Tuesdays, 7:00 pm
February 7
May 9
August 8
November 14

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