Burial Services

Grave plots are still available at Lyonsville.  They can be purchased individually or in adjacent multiples. The cost to purchase a single plot is currently $850.  A single plot may contain one full body burial, a combination of a full body burial and an ash inurnment, or two ash inurnments.  Full body burials are arranged in conjunction with funeral homes. The Cemetery charges $1,100 to open and close a grave for a full body burial and $400 to open and close a grave for an ash burial. There is also a specially-designated section for Ash Burials (Lot 307).  In this section an $800 fee includes space for two ash inurnments and the charge for opening and closing a grave in this lot is $400 per burial.  Please note that all burial pricing is subject to change dependent upon weather conditions.

Lyonsville Cemetery does not permit “green burials”.

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